24V Wall Charger for Ride On Cars 24V Wall Charger for Ride On Cars Freddo Parts Original OEM replacement AC/DC adaptor · 24V DC 500mA  60Hz AC. Final sale for all spare Parts! All spare parts orders are non refundable!

24V Wall Charger for Ride On Cars

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Original OEM replacement AC/DC adaptor · 24V DC 500mA  60Hz AC.

Final sale for all spare Parts! All spare parts orders are non refundable!

Original OEM replacement AC/DC adaptor · 24V DC 500mA  60Hz AC.

Final sale for all spare Parts! All spare parts orders are non refundable!


If you are looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle, then racing coilovers are one of the most effective aftermarket products to consider. At Too Fast Inc., we are proud to offer a wide inventory of BC Racing Coilovers. Here, we will show you the latest BC Racing Coilovers we have available along with their key features.

What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are automobile suspension devices. The name Coilover is an abbreviation of the phrase “Coil over suspension.” Benefits of coilers include their ability to lower the center of gravity of a vehicle, increased roll stiffness, and reduced weight transfer when the vehicle changes direction.

About BC Racing Coliovers

BC Racing is recognized as one of the most popular brands of aftermarket racing products. The company offers its racing Coilover products for most makes and models. This includes cars, SUVs, trucks, and recreational vehicles. BC Racing coilers have a high-quality build construction which makes them ideal for both street and track use.

Which BC Racing Coilovers Right For Me?

If you are looking to build the ultimate performance or racing vehicle, then coilovers are going to be a high priority on your aftermarket product list.

When shopping for coilovers, consider how your vehicle will be used on a day-to-day and occasional basis. For instance, if you simply want better performance for your daily commutes, then you will want to consider the “BR Series” which provides high-quality coilover products at an affordable price.

If you would like to turn your vehicle into a track machine, then you will want to consider the RM Series and DS Series coilovers. Want to learn more about our line-up of BC Racing Coilover products? Be sure to contact our team of aftermarket parts specialists. We will be more than happy to assist you.


BC Racing BR Series

Looking for an affordable performance coilover for daily commutes? The BR Series is an excellent introduction to the BC Racing Coilover line-up. These high-quality coilovers are designed to reduce peak temperature to help improve damper performance. To maximize oil capacity, BR Series coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body.

Series Types

  • BR-RS | Front - Inc Rubber Top Mount | Rear - Inc Rubber Top Mount or Non-Top Mount
  • BR-RA | Front - Inc Pillowball Top Mount | Rear - Inc Rubber Top Mount or Non-Top Mount
  • BR-RH | Front - Inc Pillowball Top Mount | Rear - Inc Pillowball Top Mount BR-RN | Front - Without Top Mount | Rear - Inc Rubber Top Mount or Non-Top Mount


BC Racing RM Series

The RM Series uses inverted dampers at the front and the rear, depending on the vehicle. It is recommended that you choose the RM Series if you prefer many of the features of the BR Series and desire the additional benefits of an inverted damper unit.

Advantages of an inverter damper unit

If you are unfamiliar with inverter damper units, they can offer several advantages that can help further improve road performance. Here’s a look at three ways inverted dampers offer extra performance:

  • Reduce unsprung weight - Unsprung weight can be reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir away from the hub and attaching it to the shell. This will allow for less wheel hop when going over bumps and a better quality ride.
  • Reduce heat transfer to gas and oil reservoir - When you drive your vehicle hard, you are bound to generate lots of heat from the braking system. When the oil and gas reservoir is moved away from the hub assembly, the overall heat conducted will be reduced. This will result in more consistent damping and overall better road performance.
  • Reduce flex - The inverted design will also provide for greater strength and reduced resistance to side loadings. This allows for more predictable and responsive handling.

    Series Types

    • RM-MA | Front = Inverted Shock-Camber Pillowball Top Mount | Rear = Inc Rubber Top Mount or Without Top Mount
    • RM-MH | Front = Inverted Damper with Pillowball Top Mount | Rear = Inverted Damper with Pillowball Top Mount


    BC Racing DS Series

    If you are looking to take your vehicle to the track more often, then you will want to consider the DS Series and its digressive valving feature. The digressive piston provides a nonlinear damping curve which results in better body control during cornering, acceleration, and braking.


    BC Racing ER Series

    For those who want the many features provided in the RS Series but prefer an external reservoir, the ER Series of coilovers is going to be the preferred choice. The main benefit of an external reservoir allows drivers to individually adjust and set compression and rebounding damping rates.

    Additionally, the eternal reservoir can help further reduce the temperature as well as increase the overall oil capacity of the damper unit.

    Understanding separate compression and rebounding damper unit adjustment

    One of the reasons why you should consider an external reservoir unit is that you can fine turn your vehicle to your exact needs and your driving style. For instance, if you are driving on a track with lots of hard curves, then you will want to adjust the damper unit to allow for harder braking at the front wheels without losing grip or greatly reducing speed coming out of the corner.

    Additionally, when you come out of the corner, you don’t want your suspension to snap back up too quickly and lead to understeering. When a vehicle understeers, you will have to make more braking adjustments to maintain control of the vehicle. This can reduce your overall speed.

    With the ability to better control the compression damping unit, you will have the ability to maintain more power during different track and racing conditions.


    BC Racing HM Series

    For those who prefer many of the features of the RM Series and require more adjustability, there is the popular HM series. This track-focused coilover set allows for two-way damping adjustment. The mono-tube design allows for independent compression and rebounds adjustment. Also, the inverted damper design moves important fluid away from heat sources which can help reduce the overall temperature and provide for more predictable performance.

    Additionally, the inverted dampers allow for decreased unsprung weight which helps improve ride quality, steering feel, and wheel control. Overall, the HM Series is an ideal choice for track-focused vehicles. 

    Key Features

    • Ideal for exclusive track use
    • Provides for up to 30 levels of separate rebound and compression adjustment
    • Can provide Inverted damper design on certain models
    • Dual Piston design (1 res., 1 in shock)
    • Cab be completely rebuilt
    • Efficient Monotube damper design
    • Patented concave lower locking collar
    • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty


    BC Racing ZR Series

    For the ultimate track experience, the ZR Series includes a three-way adjustable design that allows everyone from the novice or the pro to enhance their racing performance. With the ZR Series, you can adjust the compression and rebound settings to give you the ideal response for any track or racing condition. Additionally, the ZR Series allows for the full highest adjustability. 

    Models with MacPherson Struts can get the ZR Series with an inverted monotube damper with the steel braided Teflon coated d line exiting the top of the damper. Additionally, the ZR Series offers 30 clicks of adjustment set, 15 clicks of high compression adjustment, and 12 clicks of low compression adjustment.

    Key Features

    • Provides 3-way adjustable damping controls
    • Engineered exclusively for track use
    • Inverted damper design on certain models
    • Dual Piston design. (1 in res., 1 in shock)
    • Custom spring rates are available
    • Design is completely rebuildable
    • Popular monotube damper design
    • Patented concave lower locking collar
    • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty

    Finding the Right BC Racing Coilovers for Your Vehicle Whether you are looking to get some extra performance from your everyday vehicle or you want to create a track performance racer, there is a BC Racing Coilover that is ideal for you. Be sure to carefully review the features of each model. Also, be sure to inquire about BC Racings’ custom Coilover services. The company can create a custom-designed Coilover that can match your vehicle model and driving preferences.

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